Laser Hair Removal @ NUYU Laser Clinics Lichfield

There are many treatments available for removing unwanted hair but these only provide short-term solutions. NUYU Laser Clinic’s laser hair removal treatments, with the aid of science and technology, have conceived a new laser hair removal treatment destroying the hair at the root in a safe and progressive way without any side effects.

Laser Hair Removal by fully trained & accredited technicians.

Our laser hair removal is undertaken by fully qualified and trained members of staff who can guide and advise you on any questions or queries you need answers for.

We use a brand new state of the art Medical Grade Lynton Lumina laser device which is approved and used by the UK’s health authority the NHS. If you’re unsure about laser hair removal, please get in touch.

Why Are We The Best?

Our laser team have been fully trained and are certified by Lynton Lasers.

We are fully insured for all treatments and procedures.

We constantly invest in new machinery and technology. Our machines are supplied by Lynton Lasers who supply the NHS. The NHS use the same machines that we use here at the laser clinic.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Laser Hair Removal

We offer leading hair removal in Lichfield and use a medical-grade Lynton laser machine to perform the procedure. The treatment works by applying a heat source directly to unwanted areas of hair, which then get absorbed by the hair’s melanin. This process generates heat which hinders the hair growth and the follicle. After receiving several treatments (depending on much you need) the damaged hair follicle results in less hair growth.

The amount of treatment you will need will depend on the part of your body affected, the thickness and density of your hair and your skin type. Our fully trained therapist will discuss your case in detail and advise on how much treatment you need; however, most clients need at least 4-6 regular sessions.

We offer the most innovative laser hair removal in Lichfield and we use Lynton Lasers and cooling devices to reduce pain and discomfort during treatment.

As the laser constantly moves during treatment, most clients tolerate the sensation very well, but as with all treatments, the amount of discomfort you feel largely depends on the sensitivity of your skin and the area of your body being treated.

To limit the amount of discomfort you feel, you should avoid drinking caffeine prior to treatment. It is also safe to take paracetamol (do not take ibuprofen as this makes the skin more sensitive) if you find the process painful.

This depends on how quickly your hair grows.  You are likely to be recommended an initial 4-6-week gap between treatments. Following that, your experienced therapists will assess the amount of hair growth and lengthen or shorten the gaps as required.

Some people may require a maintenance top-up treatment once or twice a year whereas some people find the hair does not grow back at all.

As your skin may become more sensitive after treatment, we advise that you do not take hot showers/ baths or use steam rooms, saunas or swimming pools for 24-48 hours following treatment. You should also avoid:

  • Using sunbeds or exposing the area to direct sunlight
  • Using perfumed products or thick skin creams for 48 hours after treatment.
  • If you are having your legs treated, avoid wearing tight trousers or nylon tights for 48 hours after treatment.

It is important to follow these guidelines to prevent your skin from being irritated or aggravated. Your therapist will also provide you with an aftercare pack after receiving treatment.

Prices & Treatment Times

Laser Packages

Pre-Pay 4+ treatments save 20%, Pre-Pay 8+ treatments save 30%

Treatment Area Single Treatment Pre-Pay 4+ (20% off) Pre-Pay 8+ (30% off)
Female Brazilian & Underarms £55 £44 £39
Female 1/2 Legs, Braz. & Underarms £129 £104 £91
Female Full Legs, Braz. & Underarms £179 £144 £126
Female 1/2 Arm, Braz. & Underarms £149 £120 £104
Female Full Arm, Braz. & Underarms £129 £104 £91
Full Body Female £349 £280 £245
Full Body Male £449 £360 £315


Laser hair removal targeted on facial areas.

Treatment Area Single Treatment Pre-Pay 4+ (20% off) Pre-Pay 8+ (30% off)
Nose £20 £16 £14
Lip £20 £16 £14
Chin £25 £20 £18
Lip & Chin £29 £23 £20
Ears £20 £16 £14
Sides of Face £39 £31 £27
Full Face £59 £48 £42
Face & Neck £79 £64 £56
Facial Sculpting (Male) £89 £72 £63

Upper Body

Laser hair removal targeted on upper body areas.

Treatment Area Single Treatment Pre-Pay 4+ (20% off) Pre-Pay 8+ (30% off)
Under Arms £20 £16 £14
Neck (Front or Back) £39 £32 £28
Hands & Fingers £49 £39 £34
1/4 Arms (Female) £39 £32 £28
1/4 Arms (Male) £49 £39 £34
1/2 Arms (Female) £69 £56 £49
1/2 Arms (Male) £79 £64 £56
Full Arms (Female) £99 £80 £70
Full Arms (Male) £109 £88 £77
1/4 Back (Female) £69 £56 £49
1/4 Back (Male) £79 £64 £56
1/2 Back (Female) £99 £80 £70
1/2 Back (Male) £109 £88 £77
Full Back (Female) £129 £104 £91
Full Back (Male) £139 £112 £98
Shoulders (Female) £69 £59 £49
Shoulders (Male) £79 £64 £56
Back & Shoulders (Female) £155 £124 £109
Back & Shoulders (Male) £165 £132 £116
Chest (Male) £79 £64 £56
Stomach (Male) £79 £64 £56
Chest & Stomach (Male) £129 £104 £91
Naval Line £25 £20 £18
Areola £25 £20 £18

Lower Body

Laser hair removal targeted on lower body areas. Price per treatment.

Treatment Area Single Treatment Pre-Pay 4+ (20% off) Pre-Pay 8+ (30% off)
Bikini £46 £36 £32
Female Brazilian £49 £39 £34
Male Brazilian £89 £72 £63
Perianal £25 £20 £18
Buttocks £59 £48 £42
1/4 Legs £59 £48 £42
1/2 Legs £99 £80 £70
Full Legs £129 £104 £56
Feet and Toes £49 £39 £34

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